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I give 3D Nipple tattoos to the reconstructed breast, after a single or double mastectomy. 

This helps to bring closure, and also gives the reconstructed breast a more natural look without having to undergo more surgery.

I also Tattoo  over the scars, which helps to disguise the scar. breast cancer 3d nipple tattooing


One day Post -Op

I am a double mastectomy patient myself, and I learned about 3D nipple tattooing. I want women to feel comfortable with a Female, RN, in a professional and medical setting, 3D nipple tattooing is a great alternative for women that want to look natural again.. 



My Mission is to make women feel comfortable and good about themselves after their Breast Cancer Journey!!  Cancer Stinks, but if you can come out of this feeling and looking good, then you were able to Kill the Cancer....DO NOT  let cancer get the best of you. Look and feel your best... I will help you get there...


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